About The American Legion

The American Legion is committed to America’s youth, which is why we have sponsored American Legion Baseball since 1925. The goals of American Legions Baseball are the development of team discipline, individual character and leadership development qualities in young people. American Legion Baseball is the oldest and largest, nationwide teenage baseball program in America.

            Over ten million teenagers have played American Legion Baseball since 1925. The first National Championship tournament was held in 1926. And in 1969, Portland American Legion team Contractors (Madison High School) won the 1969 World Series Championship. The first State Championship game was in 1930 was won by Silverton and 81 years later the 2011 State Champions was from Salem. Who will be this 84th State Champion? August 2nd, we will know!

            On average, 50 percent of Major League Baseball players played American Legion Baseball as teenagers. Nearly 70 percent of all college players played American Legion Baseball as teenagers. Some of our own Oregon American Legion Baseball players Alumni are:

            Named 1968 American Legion Graduate of the year, Mickey Lolich a former Major league Baseball pitcher most notably for Detroit Tigers. Born September 12, 1940 in Portland and attended Lincoln High School. Lolich’s 1955 Babe Ruth team played in the Babe Ruth League World Series in Austin, Texas, in 1955 and his American Legion team was in the American Legion World Series in Billings, Montana, in 1957.

            Named in 1986 American Legion Graduate of the year, Dale Murphy a former Major League Baseball outfielder and first baseman most notably for the Atlanta Braves. Born March 12, 1956 in Portland and attended Woodrow Wilson High School. Dale played baseball for Woodrow Wilson High and the American Legion in Portland. He signed a letter of intent to go to Arizona State, but decided to try pro ball right away when the Braves made him their first pick in the June 1974 draft.

            Named in 1990 American Legion Graduate of the year, Harold Reynolds a former Major League Baseball second baseman most notably for Seattle Mariners. Born November 26th, 1960 in Eugene and attended Corvallis High School. Although Reynolds was drafted in the 4th round of the amateur draft on June 5, 1979, by the San Diego Padres, he elected not to sign. The following summer, on June 3, 1980, Reynolds was selected in the 1st round (2nd pick) of the amateur draft and signed with the Seattle Mariners.

            The American Legion is the only amateur youth baseball program that funds 100 percent of the cost for hotels, transportation, meals, umpires and baseballs for our National tournaments. Regional Championship games will be held in Cheyenne Wyoming August 5th through August 9th.

            The American Legion has always been committed to assisting needy and disabled veterans and their families. The American Legion is committed to developing America’s youth by providing opportunities to learn leadership on the baseball diamond or in a classroom or before an audience.

American Legion Code of Sportsmanship

I Will Keep The Rules.

I Will Keep Faith with my Teammates.

I Will Keep my Temper.

I Will Keep myself Fit.

I Will Keep a Stout Heart in Defeat.

I Will Keep my Pride under in Victory.

I Will Keep a Sound Soul, a Clean Mind, & a Healthy Body.